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Scholarly Sources and Artistry is proud of our ability to offer a wide array of professional services, aimed at solving some of the most unique challenges our customers face. Whether you’re struggling to process huge subsets of data or need a research paper writing service and proofreader to help communicate your ideas, we’re here to help. Our services are available to businesses and individuals throughout the Fort Worth, TX area and the greater Fort Worth-Dallas.

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    Data cleaning:

    $1,000 for 1,000 records $2,500 for up to 3,500 records | $5,000 for over 4,000 records to 9,999 records | $10,000 for 10,000 records or more!

  2. We work with all manner of businesses to clean and prepare their data so it’s ready for ETL applications. We can process huge data sets to clean, prepare and distill data, adding in features that make it more useful to you, such as conditional formatting and filters. From old data collected across numerous sources to specific datasets that require paring and parsing, we make your data usable.
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    Data analytics:

    $100 per hour but times depend on how detailed you want your services

  4. Our specialty is forecast analytics, allowing us to help you make data-driven predictions about everything from sales to trends. By cleaning and organizing data first, we’re able to provide you with insightful analysis that drives better decision-making and a stronger grasp on your knowledge of vital operations.
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    Research writing:

    $150, total. That includes the references, the research writing in APA-7 format, cover sheet, correct margins, any word count!

  6. Looking for someone to write a research paper in Fort Worth, TX? We boast exceptional research abilities and can compile data into a well-coordinated research paper for you. All papers are produced in APA-7 format and include a cover sheet and correct margins, as well as any other reference or specifications needed to confirm the validity of the paper. Research writing is available in any word count.
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    Proofreading essays:

    $40 for first page, $20 per page thereafter

  8. Even the best writers benefit from a second set of eyes when reviewing their essays. Let us put our proofreading capabilities to work for you, to catch any spelling or grammatical errors, improve sentence and paragraph structure, and help you avoid awkward or passive voice in your most important papers.
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    Excel and Power BI training:

    $25 an hour

  10. Many careers rely heavily on Microsoft Excel and Power BI applications to process data. We can teach and train you to maximize the potential of these programs, so you can do your job better and more efficiently. Whether you’re processing huge segments of data or rely on Excel for reporting and trend analysis, we’re available to teach you beginner and advanced capabilities.
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    Ad creation:

    $100 for ad creation and promotions!

  12. Advertising effectively on Google or Facebook Ads takes a well-written approach to ad generation. Our experience with these ad platforms has led us to understand the intricacies of what makes a great ad, and we can tailor one to help you maximize your budget and ad spend on impressions that matter.
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    Website creation:

    $400 for a customized website creation

  14. Let us assist you in designing a beautiful website that’s easily navigable and engaging for your visitors. From a built-in CMS to custom design, we give you everything you need to get your website off the ground and primed for visitors—whether it’s an informative site, an ecommerce platform or a personal website.
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    Poetry Writing:

    Writing poetry doesn’t come naturally for everyone. Kendrick Williams, owner of Scholarly Sources and Artistry, has been featured in many poetry books and presented with awards for some of his poems. He’s an expert writer and loves helping individuals create art.

  16. Expressive, romantic, timeless, hope, or any other genre of poetry offers a beautiful medium in which to consider events, feelings, people, nature, and more! At Scholarly Sources and Artistry, we pride ourselves on our ability to not only craft words in a unique way, but we work hard to ensure each piece is meaningfully and thoughtfully put together for each client. We take out the time to gather the details , learn about the reason you are requesting the poem, and personalize the poem to ensure the result is something you’ll truly cherish. Whether the poem is to commemorate a special occasion with a loved one or to honor the memory of someone you hold dearly, the poem we craft for you is something you can carry with you for years to come!

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