Expressive, romantic, timeless, hope, or any other genre of poetry offers a beautiful medium in which to consider events, feelings, people, nature, and more! At Scholarly Sources and Artistry, we pride ourselves on our ability to not only craft words in a unique way, but we work hard to ensure each piece is meaningfully and thoughtfully put together for each client. We take out the time to gather the details , learn about the reason you are requesting the poem, and personalize the poem to ensure the result is something you’ll truly cherish. Whether the poem is to commemorate a special occasion with a loved one or to honor the memory of someone you hold dearly, the poem we craft for you is something you can carry with you for years to come!

Writing poetry doesn’t come naturally for everyone. That’s why we’re pleased to offer this service. Kendrick Williams, owner of Scholarly Sources and Artistry, has been featured in many poetry books and presented with awards for some of his poems, dating back to 2007! He’s an expert in this style of writing and he loves helping individuals create something significant!

Different people have different ways of expressing their selves, which is one of the most inspiring things about each of us being individuals! Some people can laugh during sad times while others express their solace. Many are strong enough to hold in feelings, rather they are happy or sad. Some people, including me, may just take out the time to write about it, sort of like putting our emotions on paper. It can be expressed in words deep enough to make the reader sympathize or empathize, whereas the words may also be able to inspire the reader’s enclosed happiness to become disclosed! That is why we provide poetry of any type as one of our services!
Poetry prices:

-$15 to $50