Welcome to https://scholarlysourcesandartistry.com! Our history originates in 2020, but we offer all kinds of services.

Founded in 2020 by Kendrick Williams, Scholarly Sources and Artistry was established with one goal in mind: to provide clients with a wide array of data and writing services they can rely on. From data analytics and data cleaning to scholarly research writing and custom artistry, our mission is to ensure that, no matter your needs, you get they help you seek.

When you choose to enlist the help of Scholarly Sources and Artistry, you can rest assured that we’ll go above and beyond to provide you with exceptional work. In other words, we put your needs first in order to ensure that you get the services that are tailored for you.

A leader of Nextdoor.com for Fort Worth, TX, and a current graduate student of health informatics, Kendrick Williams is passionate about writing and data analytics. Featured in various poetry books since 2007 and presented with numerous awards, Kendrick’s skill in writing is evidenced in his featured work and accolades.

Scholarly Sources and Artistry is created specifically to provide clients with exceptional data analyzing, scholarly writing, proofreading/revising/editing, resume writing, and more! Scholarly Sources and Artistry is committed to quality in everything we do! Explore our website to learn more or contact us today to get started.

We help small businesses, as well as large businesses make informed decisions. Rather you are finding out or looking for a trend to determine if you need to increase orders, decrease orders, or just to increase productivity, based on our research, we can provide this information. We also create ads.

This site includes artistry in poetry, data visualizations, and artistry created at customsbykeshalashae@instagram.com! All of the beautiful paintings on this site came from orders she created. If you are not here for paintings, there are other artistic features, such as poetry and data visualizations including pivot tables, scatterplots, different graphs and charts, or whichever visualizations you desires for your analyses to be viewed as!

Some people know us from www.scholarlysourcesandartistry.com! As pastor John Pavlovitz one said, “I can’t change the world, but I can change the mood of the environment I am in.” That is what we inspire to do! Artistry has different forms and can even be applied in many ways. Some use it for decorations, as the decorations from customsbykehsalashae@instagram.com are! Others use it for inspiration or even understanding.

In analytics, artistry through visualizations make it easier to understand since not everyone has the time to scramble through the numbers to see what they mean or search for a root cause analysis to a trend.

In poetry, although different people interpret wording differently as individuals, the purpose of the art is still present! Feel free to view our site to see what services we can provide you!